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Frequently asked questions.

My stall category is not mentioned.
We will create this stall for you, please email with your request, and we will contact you to arrange this..

I do not have a credit card merchant account.
We can still create online ordering for you, there are several choices, a paypal account, or we can enable invoice ordering, this works like this:
A buyer clicks on buy now and an invoice is created which they must print and send with their cheque for payment.(New Zealand orders only)
International orders may be handled via a PayPal Account.

How do I handle shipping charges?
There are eight different ways of calculating shipping. These include the option to use weight, or some other unit. i.e.
You can make all shipping free with orders over X in value.
You can also add a flat handling fee of which is always added whatever the shipping method. All options will be discussed with you when your order your stall.

How much does a stall cost?
Stall charges are per annum, and is excellent value for the service setup, please contact us for further information.

Do I need a domain name?

No, this is not necessary, but we can set up your individual domain name, which points to your stall.

I have a domain name and would also like a website
Yes we can create your website for you, your stall page will also link to this website. Please contact us for further infomation

I have many different categories? How can I best use
We suggest that you take one stall, we can then build you your own individual site (at a very affordable cost) on which you may display all your individual items. There will be a link from your stall on to your website.

I belong to a craft group, can a group of us have a stall?
Yes, please contact us, we will set up a stall for a group.

Do I have to pay any commissions on sales?
No we do not charge you any commissions on sales.

How many items may I place on my stall?
The stall is only one page, if you are using images then 6 items at a time. If you are not using images then you may place 10 items on a page.

My questions is not covered here?
We will be adding to the FAQ's on a regular basis, in the meantime we welcome your query via email.



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